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We discovered jewellery

Jewellery Making Workshop - Jewellery design and creation work
Jewelery Manufacture Workshop - Jewelery design and creation

Meet our art

In 1981 we began a journey on jewellery, which for centuries adorns our feelings and our everyday moments.

Since then, we are evolving daily. Knowing the traditional jewellery manufacturing techniques, we invest in modern technological equipment, as well as in the training and specialization of the people who are members of our company.

Psomas Jewellery - Jewellery Making Workshop

We keep up with the global trends in jewellery, by designing creations that meet your requirements.

Solitary ring for your special moments
We feel proud every time you choose our jewellery to add the required glamor and charm to your desires and dreams.
Thank you very much,
for the trust and acceptance.
Giorgos Psomas